Why Do Mistakes Occur In Classroom Management

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Situation Where Mistake Occur A crucial step in growing, learning, and improving oneself is the self-awareness to admit to mistakes. Many mistakes are inconsequential. A major mistake I made was not having a classroom management plan in place the first year I taught in the United States of America (USA). Prior to migrating to the USA, I taught in my home country, Jamaica. The students in Jamaica are typically well behaved and there is little or no need for a classroom management plan. When I arrived in the USA, I did not realize how crucial developing a classroom management plan is to be an effective teacher. Therefore, I had no classroom management plan, worked in a chaotic environment, and was not an effective teacher for an entire year.…show more content…
The second year I was more equipped and prepared with a classroom management plan. I developed a plan in which leadership was shared between the students and myself. Students played an integral part of the classroom management plan which builds a connectedness among my role and the students’. Consequences fit the situation and were rational. Students took personal responsibility for their behaviors and learning, as such, rewards were mostly intrinsic. Naturally, that year I was more effective, but I quickly realized that classroom management and the management of student conduct are skills that I will acquire and hone over time. Subsequently, I have grown each school year and now have great command of the classroom, build relations with my students, and my classroom is now an impactful learning environment. I am now able to focus more on the best pedagogy to meet the needs of the students versus disciplinary actions. Starting the school with a strong classroom management plan sets the right tone for the remainder of the year; therefore, I start out tough because I can always relax my rules as time…show more content…
This monumental failure moved me from an improvement mindset to an expansion mindset. Not only have I improved my classroom management skills, but I have been doing research constantly to develop the best pedagogies that fit my students’ needs. My passion for teaching mathematics has left an indelible mark on students as shown in their assessments and change in attitude towards learning. This expansion mindset led me to pursue a doctorate degree with a focus on curriculum and instruction because my vision is revamping the mathematics the curriculum to include an intervention component at all

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