Reflection On Clinical Governance

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For this assessment, I will be reflecting on what clinical governance looks like in my workplace, with a critique of the framework used within the organization. During the reflection I will discuss what pillars and principles were found, while describing my fellow team members’ understanding of clinical governance and how it is reflected in their practice.

Finding the clinical governance framework for my workplace was challenging and time consuming without computer access in place of hard copy policy and procedure manuals. I found clinical governance summerised through the manuals, ensuring compliance of the 44 accreditation standards (Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, 2014) but as Knight, Kenny and Endacott (2015) discuss, while the concept is accepted, there is a gap between theory and practice, which is visual where I work. Pillars and principles such as risk management, efficiency, effectiveness, patient centric and equity are seen throughout the policies, and to analyse more specifically, clinical governance is articulated under categories, consisting of “education and training, clinical audit, clinical effectiveness, research and development and role clarity” (Davies, Chapman & Boyd, 2015 p.45).

Registered nurses conduct audits and subordinates are unaware what is required in this. Results from audits require 100% compliance and if this is not met the manager will rectify what is missing or failed to ensure it passes. Audit results adhere to company policy and
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