Reflection On Clinical Placement

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I have shaped my skill of evidence-based practice during the first year clinical placement. Since then have been applying the skill in my everyday life to help improve the health of my family, friends and other relatives, especially in developing the health quality of my elderly family. Recently I visited my family back in Indonesia for Christmas and I took the time to visit my 85-year-old grandmother who has been looked after by one of my aunties. For her age, my grandmother was doing very well in carrying out her activities of daily living. However, she refused to walk independently since she had a fall two days before my arrival. Even though the doctor had confirmed that no serious damage occurred due to the fall, she hesitated to try walking. Therefore, her children were thinking to get her a wheelchair, although they knew it was not necessary. When I heard that, I considered to talk to my family to encourage my grandmother’s independence instead of limiting it by giving her the wheelchair. I was motivated to apply the knowledge I learnt during my clinical placement about encouraging independence of senior residents into my family current situation. I explained to my parents…show more content…
I have been working according to the work health and safety regulation to prevent the injury or illness at workplace or at clinical placement. During my first clinical placement I had the opportunity to put all the WHS theory I have learnt on simulation block into practice, included safe manual handling, the application of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), sharp products disposal, safe practices for the handling of blood and body fluids and other safety mechanisms. Therefore, when I faced any issue regarding health and safety at the clinical placement, I referred to the work health and safety
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