Reflection On Cognitive Development

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Introduction I observed 3 weeks of opinion writing lessons in Ms. Ferguson’s co-taught inclusive 4th-grade class at Bowen Elementary in Newton, MA. I evaluated her writing lesson plans for components of Piaget and Vygotsky’s theories in regards to language, intelligence and, cognitive processes. The students were first introduced to opinion writing through watching TEDtalks and discussing the process of writing self-opinion-based essays. Next, students were required to choose a topic that they would like to research and present that topic through a TEDtalk. I began my observations while the students were finishing writing their papers and beginning to present their TEDtalks, but through speaking with Ms. Ferguson, I learned that the lessons before the involved instructional time where they learned and reviewed different sections of opinion essays, to teach them how to construct their essays. Two new components they learned, were counterpoint arguments and thesis statements. Students were given handouts to help with outlining their essays. Once their essays were written they would peer edit with two classmates and then with Ms. Ferguson. Then students created PowerPoints based on their essays and presented their TEDtalks. Now that students have finished their presentations, they are beginning to learn how to write textual opinion essays rather than self-opinion-based essays. Piaget Piaget’s theory of cognitive development is centered around several principles which can

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