Reflection On Cognitive Science

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This course, KML 6013 Cognitive Science Foundations of Learning Sciences had gave me a chance to explore and learn the very fundamental mechanisms, principles and theories of cognitive sciences. There are twelve units in this course, and every unit has its significance and implications in learning sciences. I will do a short reflection on each of the unit and then will come to a conclusion on what I had learned along the semester. Introduction to Cognitive Science Foundations of Learning Sciences. Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary scientific study on how does the mind works. Cognitive processes are essential to almost every daily activities, such as learning, talking, driving and counting. Learning Sciences are part of the cognitive science which emphasizes on human learning. As an educators, we have to understand how our students learn and therefore we can design instruction that makes the student learn effectively. Cognition and Learning are inseparable but they are not interchangeable (Greeno, 1996). Cognitive processes operate to make learning happens. For example, my students learnt how to write an essay by undergoing some cognitive processes such as thinking, remembering, memorizing and problem solving. Making Sense of Our World: The Role of Representation. There are internal and external representation. While we think, imagine or learn something, we create the internal representation in our mind which we always call them as concepts or schemas. It is
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