Reflection On Communication

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Individual Assignment : Reflection Report It is always interesting when come to the study of communication. “Communication is the process of interaction that displays the content meaning and relationship meaning”, (Watzlawick, Beavin & Jackson, 2011). It is a dynamic and complex interaction which indispensible in our society. It is fun in studying communication, and so does culture. “Culture stands for a set of values, beliefs, norms, customs, rules and codes that lead people to define them as a distinct group, giving them a sense of community” (Adler, 2008). Culture varies in term of anthropology and geography. On this semester, I am taking the subject of intercultural communication. The assignment required we do a research on cultural difference among Malaysians and our foreign undergraduates. Hence, I am conducting it with the help of my China friend, Jess Dong. Jess Dong Jun Jie is his full name. He is an exchange student and having his third semester in UUM here. Jess is currently pursuing his bachelor of economic science (Hons.). We are just having some casual chat on our very first meeting. I asked him to introduce more on himself and China; so do his hometown, Shan Dong. Well, Shan Dong is actually located at the eastern part of China with some famous tourist spots and awesome landscapes. By the mean of word “Shan Dong” in Chinese, I could guess that as “Shan” stands for mountain and “Dong” means east in Mandarin. The historical Confucius Temple and famous

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