Reflection On Communication In Business

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COMMUNICATION IN BUSINESS REFLECTIVE JOURNAL OBINNA VICTOR NWALA- 11701102 Communication abilities are vital since consistently in our life we have to speak with various types of individuals around us. Other than that, having a good communication skill can enhance and make great associations with people. In the event that we can communicate effectively, at that point other individuals recognize what we want and need, and we can tell them our sentiments without being misjudged. This averts contentions. The main idea behind this course was to establish an efficient and effective ways of communication in business and our environment, how to develop my personal relationship and good business ability with a developed communication skill. Actually, as an individual who has zero idea as to what and how business is conducted or the concept of business because am from the Medical background. I have never thought of a course called Communication in Business because I just see business as business. These has been the most interesting course I have learnt aside my profession, it has really widened my horizon and my perception towards the way I see things. It has really thought me that no matter your profession that you need to have an idea about communication in business. As a person all I know about communication is just the idea of passing information from one person to the other. I

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