Reflection On Communication Skills

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Having a conversation with someone who you have only known for two weeks at the most can be challenging. But challenging your communication skills can be a good thing sometimes. In order to challenge my communication skills, I got paired with McKenzie, I was challenged to have two conversations with her. The first conversation is held in person for at least 15 to 30 minutes. The second conversation is held on a form of mediated communication source no matter what it is, this conversation too is at least 15 to 30 minutes. Both conversations will be held at different times during the day, if one conversation is held at lunch and the other conversation needs to take place at another time during the day. This is a challenge to see how you communicate, how you listen, and how you can better communicate after each conversation takes place. The first conversation, took place over lunch after class one day. The conversation started out talking about our majors and what we want to do after college. Then it shifted and was about high school band and how band played a role in our lives for many years. We had a few interruptions such as people walking up and talking to us while we were in mid-conversation. Neither of us had our phones out, which did not really play a role in our distractions at all. There was noise around us since we were on the second floor of the University Center, there are going to be other people around us. McKenzie’s non-verbal’s included head shaking
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