Reflection On Communication Skills

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At present, the assessment I use to analyze and enhance my communication skills was taking a public speaking class. “The objective of this paper is to understand the key aspects of good and effective communication, how to develop them, and the major challenges faced in the process” (Radhaswamy & Zia, 2011, pg. 1). Public speaking was my weakness. Public speaking helped me to overcome my fear. In order, to be an expert communicator, I had to learn the oral process from "sender" through to "receiver" and how to speak with confidence and clarity, listen constructively, write, and read effectively. Communication is a correspondence in distinct format face-to-face, voice-to-voice, written, and so on. “The group discussion allows the selectors to judge the individual 's performance and behavior in a group” (Nagarathinam & Lakshmanan, 2016, pg. 170). Besides other skills and knowledge, effective communication is considered as one of the most important influencing factors in personal relationships and in the workplace environment; as it allows us to share our interest, thoughts and concerns, support each other, organize our lives, process information, make smart decision choices; and it allows us to work mutually.
“The Communication Accommodation theory considers the role of underlying motivations and consequences of speakers in shifting their communication styles to adjust to others. Depending on the culture, this approach can either be divergent or convergent” (Radhaswamy

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