Reflection On Conflict

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SESSION 1 – UNDERSTANDING CONFLICT By the end of this session, participants would have: Understood what is conflict Learnt the different levels of conflict Total time : 95 minutes Story : 10 minutes Trainer Led Discussion : 10 minutes My Conflict Experience : 30 minutes Levels of Conflict : 45 minutes Faculty to  Narrate the following story Let me a tell you an interesting incident that happened in the Sharma family the other day. The Sharma’s have the father, Mr Ajay Sharma, his wife Mrs. Geeta Sharma, elder son Gautam, daughter Pinky and 10 year old Bunty. Last Friday evening at about 6 p.m., Bunty came running into the house, profusely crying . Apparently, he had a quarrel in the cricket field with his friend Vikas who subsequently punched Bunty. Let us see how Bunty’s siblings and parents respond the situation: Mother - Geeta Sharma : Henceforth, no need to go out to play and get beaten by bad boys like Vikas. Sit at home and do something more useful. Brother – Gautam: Vikas punched you and like a coward you came back !!! – I am ashamed to call you my brother ! Come on out with me – lets show him what is punching all about. Sister – Pinky : Bunty, have you forgotten that Vikas has been one of your oldest and closest pals – so many cricket matches you have played together – How can you break this friendship just like that – Please go back and play with him ! Father – Ajay Sharma Dear son, it always takes two hands to clap ! – so we need to find
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