Reflection On Constructivism And Progressivism

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The main purpose of education is for personal growth, for self enhancement, to obtain occupational skills, to develop social and moral responsibilities and to become culturally literate. For every aspect of life one needs to be educated in order to master the art of what they do, hence education is life.
As many educational theorists such as Dewey, Vygotsky, Bruner and Piaget stated in their theories, I believe that students learn best by constructing their own knowledge and by being actively involved in the learning process. These are based on the theories known as constructivism and progressivism. For the theory involving constructivism, students assemble their own knowledge and each individual creates subjective representations to objectives due to their prior knowledge thus, teachers act as the guide on the side to direct them along the right understanding. Progressivism involves learning by doing which encourages critical thinking and problem solving as well as the teachers encourages the students to intrinsically want to learn by captivating them through activities that are related to their life and their prior knowledge. I believe that this is the best way to teach students.
As a teacher, one has to keep in mind that each student is different and there are many external factors that cause diversity in the classroom. For instance, students may come from different socio-economic backgrounds, various religious and cultural beliefs, different ethnicity and gender.

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