Reflection On Counselling

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23rd of September I arrived at Curro Klerksdorp at 08:00. When Michelle arrived at 08:30, we went to the classroom in Little Saints. Today we saw 3 boys and did counselling with them and observed their behaviours. In each session, they played various games, and she spoke to them through those games. They were so focused on the game that they opened up to her without realising it. I noticed how each child is different, with different cognitive levels, different personalities and different problems. Because of this, she used different mediums with each of them, such as clay, pick-up-sticks and drawings. She has a sandbox at her practise, which she says is very calming for the children. She told me that there are many different techniques of therapy, such as hypnotherapy and play therapy. With children, play therapy is the most effective, as it grabs their attention and they see it as fun, and not as something frightening. She used play therapy with them today, and I saw that it was very effective. She gave me some background information on each boy before they came in, and explained to me the progress that was made. I realised that any progress takes time, and you need to have patience. I saw this today. I learnt more about disorders and diseases that people have, like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Asperger syndrome and Autism. She showed me some common signs in a boy with Asperger’s syndrome. Often children with Asperger’s are very intelligent, but have a
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