Reflection On Criminal Behaviour

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The study will critically reflect upon certain theories which are closely knitted with criminal behavior. There are various psychological constructs, behavioral intentions, etc., leading to criminal behavior. In certain scenario, individuals are witnessed to commit crime in order to overcome stress. On the other hand, criminal activities are also conducted due to some psychological disorders. Individuals gradually learn to commit crime by getting associated with others. In this study, two distinct theoretical perspectives will be discussed that are directly related with criminal behavior. The study will even focus on some further improvements required to upgrade chosen theories.
Basic elements of chosen theories
The practice of criminology
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Rational cause choice theory and psychological trait theory consists of some points of similarities. These similarities can be defined in context of their respective major components. The concept of ego-boosting incentives mentioned in the rational cause theory is similar to mental development and learning experience elements of psychological trait theory. For example, in the last few years the percentage of cyber crime activities has rapidly increased in New York and across the globe. Both the theoretical perspectives highlight similar factors leading to such criminal offense. According to the rational cause choice theory, individuals are involved in cyber crime due to certain motivational factors such as money or power. The psychological trait theory also explains the reason behind such criminal activity in similar manner. As proclaimed in this theory, mental development in terms of understanding moral standards is linked with committing crime. Another similarity is both the theories agree with the fact that rational decisions based on personal benefits and lack of concern leads to criminal act (Eysenck, 2013). On the contrary, there are some key differences between both these theoretical perspectives. The rational cause choice theory states that criminal behavior is enhanced when there is absence of authority figure to prevent such…show more content…
In case of rational cause theory, the major improvements will revolve around the basic assumptions made in this theory. For instance, every individual makes a rational decision is an assumption that cannot be standardized because the decision-making process tends to vary from one scenario to another. Hence, new question needs to be asked such as on what factors the intention of making a rational decision depends. The second improvement can be structuring a more integrated model encompassing cognitive abilities and rational decision-making. Another improvement is completely redesigning the theory so as to justify how involvement of high costs still leads to criminal behavior. Similar improvements are also needed in psychological trait theory. Firstly, some questions need to be framed and answered such as whether human mind functioning can be altered through ongoing experiences in life (Lilly, Cullen & Ball, 2014). Other improvements are use of quasi-experimental research design to facilitate criminological inquiry. On the basis of this inquiry, it shall be easier to understand the impact of one’s cognitive behavioral disorder on others. There is a need to develop an integrated trait theory encompassing major components of both psychological and latent trait theories. It is evident that knowledge about overall human behavior can be obtained through an integrated model.
The above study has
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