Kazakh Culture Reflection

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Critical Reflection The first semester of Nazarbayev University Foundation Year Program was full of numerous advantageous and educational assessments which were challenging and interesting to perform. From all of the completed tasks in it, the research essay, which was assigned at Humanities and Social Sciences, would be the most relevant to write the critical reflection on. The reason why the choice felt on this particular topic is because, personally for me, it was the most demanding and thought provoking assignment from all of the provided. Despite the fact that I had considerably better results in the other assessments, this task gave a lot to learn from my mistakes which will be useful for the further studies. The subject matter of the…show more content…
Then, we had to research the general changes in Kazakh culture throughout the history. After doing so, it was necessary to select one or two aspects in order to make the investigation more specific and state whether those changes were for the better or worse by intensely analyzing them. The essay should have been argumentative and logically structured. I decided to narrow the topic to gender equality and evaluate the changes on women role in Kazakh culture by comparing the situation in the early centuries with today’s situation of women in the culture. The task consisted of both positive and negative parts. On the one hand, it was highly informative to do the research about my culture and getting deep to it. On the other hand, the topic was too broad and extremely evasive. Accordingly, it was hard to stay in topic and be precise about what you were writing. It seemed inappropriate to judge the situation only from one aspect. Also, I gained many skills from the assignment which will be applicable academically. As an example, I learned to think critically, to build arguments, to find and use the proper sources for research, and to narrow the topic in order to deepen to it. I became able to not to be bias and to look at
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