Critical Thinking Analysis

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Before reading Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life, my thinking was mediocre and collective like many individuals. I was unaware that I was hindering myself from developing deeper thoughts. Like many other Americans, I rely on technology to do majority of my thinking. Growing up in a technology based generation; I became dependent on a system that is only, as smart as the people who operated them. For example, before reading this week lesson, I realized my think was very immature and considered short term. Now I have begun to condition my mentality, by analyzing information that I process within my brain. I realize that my level of thinking has become a routine of my life which is my comfort zone.…show more content…
I currently do not know how to deal with long tern change in a world that is consistently changing at a rapid rate. While reading, Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life, I have learned that my thinking is considered to be on a level of short term thinking. In fact, I recognize that my thinking is common, and conditioned for moderate quality within individuals- The human brain is capable of doing more than most individuals realize. Short term thinking only process quick fix solutions, that does not require critical thinking (Paul, Elder, 2012, p.5). I am now realizing that I made irrational decision because I did not fully understand critical…show more content…
(2012). Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life. Retrieved from The skills needed for critical thinking is first learning how to apply fair-mined thinking to your daily life. Fair-minded thinking produces better judgement and decisions, which yields successfulness in our life. According to Paul and Elder, “developing fair-minded thinkers you try to see the actual strengths and weakness of any reasoning they asses” (Paul, Elder, 2012, p.18). Fair-minded thinkers practice analyzing different aspects of their thoughts for the best solutions. Furthermore, there are intellectual virtues that fair-minded people possess. The first trait is intellectual humility, which helps us to have a humble viewpoint in our thinking (Paul, Elder, 2012, p.22). Humility helps us to keep other people in our thoughts and not think highly of ourselves above others within our thoughts. For example, in my occupation I work with people from different nationalities. I always have to practice humility when explain to them their Medicaid benefits. I cannot think that only Americans are smart or better than people from other countries. I am respectful of language barriers, religion, and their frustration of being in a new

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