Reflection On Critiquing My Writing

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At first, I was slightly apprehensive about critiquing a fellow classmate’s written paper. The first thoughts that popped into my mind were, what if I give wrong advice on any corrections? What if my classmate gets offended by my comments? On the other hand, I had to make myself realize that the critiquing assignment was not about what was “wrong” or “correct” in their written work. However, it needed to be seen more as helping to make my classmate’s paper better. I also had to keep in mind that my review would be evaluated by my instructor. Therefore, if there happened to be any blatant misleading advice, my instructor, hopefully would call it to both of our attentions. Sometimes a writer has a tendency to overlook what needs to be corrected…show more content…
Whenever you have the opportunity to critique someone else’s written work, you can see it from a different perspective and with a fresh set of new ideas. Sometimes when the work is all your own, you subconsciously already have a preconceived thought process that can be tough to deter yourself from. It also assisted in helping me to better understand the instructions for the assignment, the criteria that was expected, and taught me methods on how to better critique my own written work. As a result of this assignment, I was able to see my paper in a different light. My classmate’s critique offered me several different positive viewpoints in regards to the body and flow of my paper. Thus, encouraged me to elaborate more about time management, modes to overcome obstacles when faced with unexpected situations, and to explain in greater depth why I identify myself as a kinesthetic learner. Critiquing another classmate’s written work helps to learn how to better communicate with one another and how to accept corrective criticism from their peers. Most positions, within the workforce, require staff to effectively collaborate with one another. Therefore, learning to accept corrective criticism is a must and it will help you achieve success not solely within the workforce, but also in your day to day life
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