My Menstrual Cycle Essay

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Furthermore, I also identify as female, which can put me in a disadvantaged position systematically in a patriarchal society. I personally cannot walk comfortably down a street by myself in night or day without the fear of sexual harassment or expecting some sort of harm. I also noticed that often men have the privilege of not having everything attributed to their sex. If I am a bad driver, it is attributed to my sex or if I am having a bad day, it is assumed that I must be on my menstrual cycle. Besides that, I have also endured both hostile and benevolent sexism. These processes have led me to contradicting roles such as being inferior to men but also seen as needing protection specifically because I am a woman.
Within high school, I was
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Under this standard, there is only a collection of people who share the experience of being human regardless of their race but, this does not allow the individual to embrace their own ethnicity or culture. The truth is that an individual 's principles and behaviors intertwine with social environments as the individuals construct and maintain differences, while those same differences influence individuals. Within multiculturalism, people are connected even with their distinct cultural heritages and the very uniqueness that separates their groups is what unites them. Difference is not a negative term and should be incorporated in society. On the basis of my identity, cultural diversity is the collection of all my experiences whether that be through my gender or my ethnicity, along with the assemblage of others ' identities. In all, each individual and his or her culture should be respected because people are different in many ways, and we should accept that if we are to reap the benefits of
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