Reflection On Cultural Heritage

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Reflection on cultural heritage
Cultural heritage is increasingly identified as an important resource of a nation due to the benefits it has brought to economic, soico-cultural and environmental aspects . According to UNESCO, cultural heritage can be divided into three categories, inculding, tangible heritage, intangle heritage and nautural heritage . It is the reflection of a country, which links the past to the present. It also shapes the society, as well as enriches the lives of people through the cultural significance. People can understand more about a country or city through heritage. Most importantly, it is the precious asset for the present and future generation.

Cultural heritage is a sense of cultural idenity. Under globalization, it becomes the key role in city development as well as a tool to boost economic growth and empowerment. Since cultural heritage is being more prominent, more questions are rise on how to preserve cultural heritage, in order to protect the cultural identities and characteristics while also fostered tourism development. World Bank financed projects indicate that heritage conservation can enhance the livability and develop a stronger branding and condition to appeal potential investors, especially for tourism . Besides, conserving cultural heritage can improve the image of the city and reinforce the value of historical assets.
For instance, Singapore is a country that values cultural heritage. Nowadays, heritage conservation is fundamental

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