Reflection On Decision Making

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I started to critically examine how I make decisions when working as a research assistant. While I was training I completed a section of the study which focused on how sensitivity to reward and punishment influences decision making capabilities. As I completed this section my coworker observed that I had an above average sensitivity to punishment and below average preference for risk taking. As soon as I heard the results I considered how when I make decisions I struggle to consider the positive and negative equally. Knowing that I have a preference to overemphasize risks, causes me to start my decision making process for big decisions by gathering information and carefully making a list of the positive and negative consequences. By listing them side by side I have a visual support to evaluate both as equals. After I’ve considered the potential outcomes, I tend to discuss them with someone to make sure I have a holistic view of the decision. I try to choose a person who understands my life and needs but also tends to be more optimistic and open to risk taking. My expectation with this process is that this person will have a different perspective and view of the decision. In the end, I still tend to favor the less risky outcome even if it means that a smaller potential for reward. When I’m making smaller decisions, like what I will eat for lunch, I tend to base my decision on what has historically lead to positive outcomes. In cases where I have no precedent, I find that

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