Dental Hygienist Reflection Essay

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When looking back on my overall experience with my DH2 student, I actually learned a lot as a client sitting in the chair. I learned the proper procedure of how and what the dental hygienist are required to do. In a real world, I didn’t know what my care provider was doing to me. They clean and just polish. Everything goes in a flash. I liked how my DH2 explained what she was doing to me, what changes I have to make with my oral health, and what procedures that are needed to be done. Plus, she provided me a few pointers and tips on what I have to do when I am in her position next semester and how I have to act professional and to be prepared for anything that suddenly happens. I liked my DH2 she was very nice and the overall experience with her was good. I remember on the first day of the appointment, I was very lost. I didn’t know why the appointment took about 3 hours, but now I know that it requires a lot of effort to finish a task and it is not easy. It takes time for the DH2’s and me including (in the future) to master the technique. What I learned during my times at the clinic is health history taking. They are mandatory and…show more content…
I learned a lot, and I can now follow the same steps as what my DH2 were doing to me. It showed me there is a lot to require as a dental hygienist. My DH2 has to go through the ADPIE procedure at each appointment to see if my ideal goal in the end of the day was reached. Another element is required as for a dental hygienist is the need to be on top of things and now what you have to do for that day, tell the client what you have to do on them and how you are going to perform it. Lastly, as a student now I can learn from my DH2 mistakes and apply it for myself so I won 't make that same mistake she had done. This is what a student will need to do in the future to apply to their own
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