Reflection On Disruptive Innovation

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REFLECTION: DISRUPTIVE INNOVATIONS SPUR GROWTH Disruptive innovation is an attempt to enter a market with the intention of either creating a new market with a product of finding a place among unsatisfied customers in an existing market. Though I have been involved in a disruptive innovation process, but the name was initially alien to me. However, as I reflect, I realized that to be effective and successful as a disruptive innovator, patience is absolutely necessary because others are also innovating as well. I also realized that a successful innovator has to consider a reduction of the price of its products in order to attract customers. After reading the article for this week, I reflected on a product I could successful disrupts and makes a grand entry into the marketplace. REFLECTION: COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE Today, I set out to reflect on the subject of a comparative advantage. After reading the article provided by the school, I did not see much difference between a comparative advantage and absolute advantage. In a comparative advantage, I understand that when a country produces a product with low opportunity cost than others, then, there is a comparative advantage. However, in the self-quiz, I saw some comparative questions that require a calculation. I was curious to know the formula that produced the answer. I will like some emphasis on this reflection from the instructor. (Question 9 and 10). ACTIVITIES COMPLETED 14/10/2016 completed the unit 6 written assignments

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