Diversity Reflective Essay

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With the ever-changing business environment, diversity in the workplace is crucial and businesses are adapting, diversity policies and strategies that appeal to and meet the needs of clients. Diversity in the health care industry is very essential and as such nurses must be aware of multicultural practices to provide effective nursing care. Clients in the health care industry come from different ethnic groups with varying cultures and practice, nurses should be able to meet the needs of these clients and their family members; hence it is essential to have a diverse workforce that would enable to meets the needs of clients. Working in a small group created an informal atmosphere and has inspired my confidence encouraging me to participate and…show more content…
However, from this classroom exercise, I learned that there is still so much more to learn, for example, intersex or transgender people are unheard of and not acceptable in society in Dubai whereas here in Canada equal rights treatment is a must and any discrimination is a criminal act punishable by the law. Diversity helps us to expand our view to look at problems from different angles and consider multiple ways to resolve issues.
From this workshop I have learned that diversity creates self-awareness, sharpening our existing knowledge, allowing us to compare our own experience with those of others, enabling us to learn from the experiences of others, and making us more capable of making and applying decisions in our workplace and personal lives.
In conclusion, as a manager, knowing that diversity is an important component in today’s world, I would encourage having a multicultural and diverse team on board to increase business, productivity, and profitability. I would like us all to work together as a team and make this world a better
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