Reflection On Diversity Of Native American Groups

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The first unit that we covered in semester one was the Native Americans. We learned about the Native American tribes such as the Iroquois, Navajo, Cherokee, Apache, Hopis and many more ("Diversity of Native American Groups."). These tribes spoke 200 different languages and their ways of life were diverse ("Diversity of Native American Groups."). There were tribes that did not engage in war, like the Hopis and some that were not afraid to fight, like the Apache ("Diversity of Native American Groups."). The tribes settled all around America, so their climate varied. Because of this, tribes lived in homes that suited their region like wigwams, long houses, igloos, and teepees ("Diversity of Native American Groups."). During class, we focused mostly on the Wampanoag tribe and learned about their homes, where they lived, climate and government. The Wampanoags were a body of 60 tribes living together. I can’t imagine how they managed to maintain peace over that large of a group! Their government was ruled mostly by men, as was the rest of the tribes’ (Patterson). Squanto’s and Massasoit’s perspectives were viewed as well. For my Native American project, my group and I researched about the Iroquois…show more content…
There were about 200 tribes and they had distinct backgrounds ("Diversity of Native American Groups."). As I said before, there was a peace treaty between some of them and the new immigrants. The Native Americans were culturally different from the immigrants but still they tried to get along. This showed that everyone should accept cultural differences and look on the peaceful side of things. This might be why our country today is filled with immigrants who live together without much conflict! The Native Americans wouldn’t destroy nature if it wasn’t for survival purposes. They cared about the Earth and respected it. This is something that humans should learn from
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