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The main objective of the diversity presentations, the first is to to provide an opportunity for students to interact with individuals who are different from you in a meaningful way to better understand their perspectives. The second is to supplement the discussion of diversity taking place in class. Having a diverse group of interviewees is great way to understand that they are all unique in their own way. Those differences consist income, educational level and political preference and it is important to welcome it and learn from it. Summary & Reflection on Diversity Presentations In Malik Sanders political preference presentation, he chose to interview Franklin and Alice. Franklin is a 34-year-old male pharmacist and registered republican voter with conservative values. He feels as though conservative republicans are seen as “ignorant racist xenophobes”,…show more content…
I think it is great that were looking at all different types of diversity instead just focusing on particular subject like race. Often times, since being college student and being so busy with my life, I tend to forget how important income, education and political diversity can be in the world. Seeing world with a different lens for once really made me think about not being so quick to judge people, we all have our own story and beliefs. In Malik Sanders presentation, I learned that everyone should have the freedom to be open about their political beliefs without being scared of retaliation. In Stephanie’s presentation, I learned that it is important to embrace diversity in the workplace because not only does it bring change but it brings something special to a company and help one progress in life. Lastly, for Jimmy Lam presentation I learned that it doesn’t really matter how much your making in life because you always have problem with time management and

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