Reflection On Doctor Patient Relationship

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MINESWARAN A/L TANNIMALAY 1001541335 SELF REPORT I have learned a few lessons from this year BSCPPD course. I am sure they will be useful for my medical career in future. The first chapter is Role of Perception in Human Relationship and Health. This topic has taught me that all of us immediately begin to develop impressions about the situation around us, about the people and the objects in our environment through perception. Preconceived notions powerfully influence our attitudes by inducing selective perceptions. Those with a positive or outlook is more likely to follow the treatment plans and to try to recover when he or she is sick. Conversely, an individual with negative or pessimistic outlook tend to either avoid treatment or find it difficult…show more content…
The doctor–patient relationship has been and remains a keystone of care. It is the medium in which data are gathered, diagnoses and plans are made, compliance is accomplished, and healing, patient activation, and support are provided. Satisfaction with the doctor–patient relationship is a critical factor in people's decisions to join and stay with a specific organization. There are few types of doctor patient relationships such as the Paternalistic model, Informative model, Interpretative model and Deliberative model. Compliance is the willingness of the patient to work with the doctor, disclose information completely, and adhere to the treatment plan that the doctor presents to the patient. I have understood that doctor-patient relationship is crucial in health care for the betterment of the…show more content…
At times, anger takes control of myself and it affects my actions during the situation. However, learning this topic helped me understand the consequences of uncontrolled anger to us and the people around us. In future it will be very beneficial when I practice as a doctor because patience is essential when I face many patients with variety of behaviours and attitude. Besides that, through the chapter Leadership Skills, I have learned the qualities required to lead a group. Effective communication among members is very important in order for the group to reach its aim. A leader has the responsibility in initiating and maintaining an effective communication. I became conscious of the importance of time management as time management can increase the productivity and efficacy of individuals. As students, we really need to manage our time to have a balanced lifestyle. Developing a daily-to-do list helps me as I can submit my assignments on

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