Reflection On Education In Education

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Reflective Paper After finishing this course, I find that the topics concerning structure and components of schooling, and inequality in education are impressive. This reflective paper will include some new insights that I have gained from this course regarding the concept of schooling and what kinds of students that I will need to take care of in the future. A) Reflection on group discussions in class Structure and components of schooling At the very beginning of the course, we were encouraged to discuss and reflect on the importance of schooling, or in other words the importance of receiving education in schools, which I have never thought about. According to the lecture of “Structure and components of schooling”, and the guest lecture “The role of government in education”, education has spill-over effects which can create social benefits, such as improving standards of hygiene and health awareness. Education is also an equalizer for societies which enables students to gain upward mobility and success. In that case, education plays a role in redisrtibuting income and wealth to the next generations. Students also go to schools for various reasons, for example, learn the knowledge and skills for continuing their studies in tertiary institutions. Besides, our class suggested that students can acquire knowledge in a more systematic way and receive quality education in school. Based on my observation in school during the teaching practice, school is also a place

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