Reflection On Education

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Maddie Powell January 25, 2017 Response Paper #1 I began my education at Wee Folk Rockford Child Center in Rockford, Michigan. It was a place that taught you to read, write and be able to communicate with other students in the future with something called “circle time”. Teachers will use dramatic play, blocks, math, writing/reading, art and science/sensory as just a few learning techniques. My earliest memory of being read to would be when I would be going to bed and asking my mom to read me a story to be able to fall asleep. From Wee Folk I went to Parkside Elementary School. There I would learn to further my skills to read/write and math, but also would introduce me to more subjects like science and social studies to learn more about the world we live in. I do not remember much about the first few years in elementary school. The first memory that comes to mind in elementary school would be going into third grade and my teacher being Mr. Sullivan and always hearing good things about him. Starting with his “Goose Slips” when someone would make fun of a student or would harm another student in the class. If you did something nice you would be able to pick out any of your slips and tear it up. In third grade I was never the best student and never really cared much about anything other than math. After third grade and going into fourth was a hard transition, I remember coming home one day and my parents sitting me down and saying that we were moving to Indiana. After that

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