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I have learned if there is an opportunity for a greater contribution in life, go for it. I am interested in pursuing a place in English 1102 due to my work ethics and my interests in analytical and argumentative writing. In my past three years of high school, I would only take the high level classes in order to challenge myself, but I never knew the true meaning of being in an honors class until I started attending East Mountain. My incentive to be in multiple honor classes started my freshman year. When I started attending East Mountain I experienced an immense amount of reading assignments compared to a regular class, but it didn’t stop me from doing my best. Although it was the most work I had done throughout my years of high school, the complexity of the class only challenged me to work harder and to read in between the lines. My intentions for next year are to work twice as hard and improve my reading, critical thinking, oral, and analytical skills in English 1102.…show more content…
Analytical writing is an interesting topic in English because it gives a wider and deeper perspective, piece by piece, of the situation. In addition, by writing analytically and having a better understanding, it is easier to argue one’s opinion. One of the benefits of taking this class would be that it connects more to the business area, which I hope to pursue, to advance my skills in writing critically and to be argumentative in business situations. Other benefits of being in English 1102 are having classmates that have the same type of enthusiasm as I do. I’ve realized after interacting with self-motivated people, I can comprehend more information and maintain good work

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