Personal Narrative: Ms. Hightower's Class

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English class made me feel empty-headed and lost. I never knew what was going on, and I also began not to care; However, when I was placed into Ms. Hightower 's class, everything changed! She gave me confidence in myself, my abilities, and helped me uncover intelligence I never knew I had.

My freshman year of high school created my hate for English. My freshman class full of 15-year old 's were forced to read and write essays about the constitution and politics we knew and understood nothing about: It was the most tedious and doltish idea in the world. [JK3] We had no interaction in the classroom, everything we did seemed black and white with a side of boring and strict. [JK4] The class was constant reminders of the almighty state exam and how we needed so bad to pass it. After so long I lost all interest that I attempted to have and just waited in the prison, English class, until my sentence was up. When the state exam finally came it was nothing relevant to all that we had studied the entire year. From that point on I felt that English classes were a waste of time, and I was no good at them. When the results from the state test came, I received a
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Hightower 's class, I did struggle, and we had a truckload of work! I was always lost, work was always late, and my grade was always low. Our classes were always challenging, interactive, and intellectually fun. We would have group discussion and debates in the class, and Ms. Hightower always interacted with and encouraged us. She taught us how to have educated opinions and always pushed us to think outside of the box, even if we could not she would show us how, even if we could not she would show us how. She always gave us guidelines and promised if we followed them we would be successful. There were so many students, yet Ms. Hightower always managed to help everyone with their specific struggle. As frustrating as the class could get there was always something to look forward to and work
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