Reflection On English Language

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Reflection text Entering an English course after practicing as a teacher for many years are both disturbing and exiting. Disturbing, because I challenge my own practice. How will it cope comparing to new theory and practice? Exiting, because I look forward to getting new inputs and knowledge, and to develop myself as a teacher. The result so far is approximately as I expected. In my first years of practice I spent much time to go through the text of the week, and to hear the pupils read aloud. Over the years I have developed my teaching including more activities were pupils are more active and communicate directly with each other. Through these first months of the course I have realized that I have to go further down this route. The necessity of is legitimated “Twinkle Twinkle” (Munden, Myhre 2016) and “Engelsk på mellomtrinnet” (Munden 2016). The content of the activities is also important, and new knowledge about collocation and chunks have helped me to improve the content of the activities, being more aware of what to do and why. A little bit of English each day is important according to the literature, and I try to find spaces where I naturally can put in some English. At the time I greet them at the door each morning, and we have a “password” to enter the classroom. The greeting is “how are you?” at the moment, but I will introduce others when I feel they are ready for it. The “password” I usually find in their list of words for the week. In “twinkle twinkle”
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