Reflection On English Language Learning

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Based on the theory at the second chapter, I can reflect that I am included as The Involver during my Internship program.
Some reasons why I am included myself as The Involver:
A. When I came to this school and observed. I already knew that this school still used the traditional method in teaching, where the teacher explain and the students take a note (In other words, most of teacher in my workplace during the internship program, are The Explainer). However, Mrs. Wiwiek Andreani ever told in Introduction to English Language Learning course class in the 4th semester, that The Explainer seems ineffective to be used, because sometimes it makes the students become a passive students. She said that If we want to be a good English teacher, we must diminish the Teacher Talking Time and let our students become an active students by asking many questions, let them explain in the class (of course they are still under our control). Thus, it made me trying not to be The Explainer

B. Even though I still gave them explanation, but I tried to involve them to be an active student. For example, when I taught the 2nd grade about some things on the bedroom, I did not straightly write the words also its meaning on the whiteboard (as example, WARDROBE = LEMARI PAKAIAN), but I asked them to answer what is the meaning of word wardrobe. I also gave them some clues so they could answer it, such as: I designated a cupboard until they had already known that it was lemari. I told them

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