Reflection On Equity In Education

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Danielson : Ummm you know here is what I like to say about equity I you can use in some many fronts in education you should I want to guarantee that as much I can that every single students locks in the door of high school, middle school or elementary school has that an fair and equitable chance to succeed at high level. To get higher level there should be equity in teaching there is equity in the classroom itself in the way you treat kids, when you suspend or refer students in the community services you offer, equity is there is a life that you shine in every area in every single area you are talking to someone who has been in Des Moines public schools since 1975. So I have been on a journey to learn as much as I can. How could I not when I started as a young teacher at the age of 21 at Hoover with three black students and ok.. schools don’t look like that anymore. What was my obligation to understand truly what equity is. As I might have thought of twenty years ago or forty years ago.
Spikes: With that in mind do you think the district central office as a whole promotes equity within its school ?
Danielson : I believe that the central office in well on their way and they are not there yet . I’m proud that it has caught enough attention to finally say, ohh I guess I need to think about in every day and every way , in every little we do. I can’t tell you I don’t think that we have to constantly remind each other and the offices together because it was a too much of an umm
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