Reflection On The Awakenings

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Reflection on the film Eyes on the Prize – Awakenings (1954-56) We must come to see the day… not of the white men, not of the black men. That would be the day of men as men. (M.L.King) Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where since the moment you are born, your rights are infringed by the system: you are not allowed to use certain things as they are designated for the chosen only, you have to step aside when a white men passes, not allowed to look at women of different race, you do not have the right to get education… The system was established centuries ago, long before you were born, and it had been existing quite successfully. Would it be proper…show more content…
Sometimes ideas of a bright individual, such as M. L. King may run ahead of time. Society might not be able to perceive and react adequately to progressive ideas at that time. But times change, and eventually people realize what the right thing to do is. I should admit that Martin Luther King’s words that “the day of men as men”, whether black or white, should come, caught my attention. His speeches that I heard in this movie impressed me by their sincerity and dedication to his own race, but at the same time respect for the white. He said that we are not to hate those who hate us. King believed that one day Afro-Americans will get what they are fighting for. That’s why they have to start preparing for being ethical, sane, reasonable. His tolerance and acceptance towards others impressed…show more content…
I still have the image of Emmet Uncle’s scared eyes when he was testifying at court. He was afraid that he could become a victim of blindness and revenge, just like his cousin did. I cannot forget the eyes of a proud black woman who finally got to sit on the front row of a bus. It’s amazing that such small things can make people happy. I believe that this movie’s goal is not only to educate us on the history of United States, but also to urge us to think progressively, and to believe that hard work is always rewarded, as long as you have a dream and your intentions are
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