Reflection On Feminism

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Initially, I held the misconception like many people in the world that feminism is about switching traditional roles and replacing patriarchy with female chauvinism. For me it had a very strong connotation but now after taking this course I came to a very basic definition of feminism. It is a worldview and a way of life. Personally, I now define feminism as the belief where all the genders are ought to be treated equal in every aspect. It is a wish for replacing the harmful aspect of patriarchy with a system that in true essence empowers and respect women, gender fluid people and trans individuals. Now, I strongly feel that it 's an important social priority. Being a feminist one can not presume what other woman’s walk in. One has no right to tear down other women even if their view on the man world differs. As Emma Watson rightly stated in one of her interview, ‘Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, and it’s about equality.’ I adhere to Individualistic or Libertarian Feminism- which emphasizes on the importance of individual autonomy of choice as any interference from the state creates a hierarchy. I view men not as villains but as fellow victims burdened by societal pressures and by unattainable expectations. Alison Armstrong says and I quote, ‘Every fight needs an adversary, and making your adversary evil can powerfully fuel the fight.’ Therefore in my point of view throughout the word’s history, many
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