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Student Reflections on Field Education For most Miami Dade College students, the field Early childhood Education is the first setting in which are able to integrate and apply Early Childhood Education theory, values, skills, and knowledge under the supervision of a professional educator. The field placement is where students put into practice what they have learned in the classroom with respect and skills also with respect to upholding professional values and following ethical codes of conduct.
Through field coordinators and other serve as liaisons to the student and the field instructor throughout the course of the Early Childhood Education, there are many experiences I have with field instructor apart from those listed in the learning
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In my EDF 1005 class at Miami Dade College, I have to complete community involvement service learning hours. By contrast, the quick and diverse experiences that I have had through Miami Dade College have really helped me to compare and contrast classrooms, while shaping my personal teaching style. While I have been around my whole life, this course gave me a chance to observe teachers with whom I had no personal ties. This helped me be more objective in my observations. Furthermore, I feel that I learned differently during this experience, as compared to high school observations, because I was exposed to many different teachers and classrooms, with a wide variety of teaching styles and age…show more content…
Positive, productive learning needs to be the focus.
My favorite field experience, by far was this one here at Van E. Blanton Elementary School. I was placed in a classroom with students with many diverse, yet was not passing their state testing and obviously needed more attention and help. The teacher helped each student individually and showed incredible amounts of patience. She created a healthy classroom environment, and the students were all engaged and excited about learning. I have never seen students so excited to get in a circle to read out loud! This classroom was a breath of fresh air for me.
During my second semester of college, I decided that I wanted to work with special need children. However, after some consideration, I think I may want to start a program like the one that I observed at Van E. Blanton Elementary School for children who are not identified, but need extra help. However, that many of these students are not succeeding in school because they are stock in life situation that they are helpless to change or control. With my enthusiasm for learning, and my compassion and personal way to teaching, I feel could really have an impact on students who need extra

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