Reflection On First Year Of A College Student

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Marina Shenouda
Professor Griffith
English 113 B
04 May 2016
Reflective Essay: First year as a College Student Being a freshman student at California State University of Northridge was full of hardships and overwhelmed moments in my college life, as every freshman student might have felt in the past, I have learnt a lot of great things about how I can be a student writer, and being patient with my college work, but also how I can be a great person in life after I graduate from CSUN by helping those people in need. As a freshman student I had to take English 113 A and 113 B those two classes I felt were like two separate classes but, no there were one class with different Professors that those professors were teaching kind of the same material but in a different way I really enjoyed both classes but , the most I enjoyed more was English 113 B class with Professor Griffith , last year in high school I was taking a class called ERWC that made me be ready when I go to CSUN and that class it did help me a lot without that class I wouldn’t able being the writer I am today , I am not that perfect but from last years that I used to get B’s and then first semester in college got some D’s and C’s and now this semester I am doing better I get C+ on my first
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So, in this class English 113 B I learnt a lot from how to write MLA format to how to create portfolio, write different types of essays, analyzing each other’s papers, make research for the essay and
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