Reflection On Florida Principal's Leadership Standards

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The first domain in the Florida Principals Leadership Standards, Student Achievement, is divided into two separate Standards. The first standard is about Student Learning Results and achieving previously set standards. Out of the many leadership styles that were discussed in class, I felt that the path-goal theory fit the purpose of this standard the best. The implementation of path Goal-theory begins by identifying the objectives to be reached as “The school 's learning goals are based on the state 's adopted student academic standards and the district 's adopted curricula” (“The Florida Principal,” n.d.). My job as a leader would then be to clear out any foreseeable, and unforeseen obstacles so that my pupils can achieve success as …show more content…

The second domain in the Florida Principals Leadership Standards is composed of three different standards. The first of these is Instructional Plan Implementation and is about how an effective leader must collaborate to develop and implement an effective instructional framework that aligns with the required standards and meets his/her students’ needs (“The Florida Principal,” n.d.). Due to the variety in options that are available to align instruction to a pupil, given that the instruction will be adjusted to his/her needs, I feel that the situational leadership approach will be able to be implemented in this situation to create better results as “different situations demand different kinds of leadership (Northouse, P., 2016). The different leadership styles that make up the Situational approach can be tied to this standard by connecting the necessary leadership style with the supportive and directive behaviors in the task that is performed. As an instructor, I will spend time in the S1 category of the Situational Leadership Model as I make use of a “common language of instruction”, spend time between the S1 and S2 categories by “communicate the relationships among academic standards” and by being engaged “in data analysis for instructional planning and improvement”. Other aspects of this standard such as: “effective instruction, student performance, implement the district 's adopted curricula and state 's adopted academic standards in a manner that is rigorous and culturally relevant to the students and school, and ensure the appropriate use of high quality formative and interim assessments aligned with the adopted standards and curricula” (“The Florida Principal,” n.d.) will have me deviate throughout the model depending on the student that I am dealing with. My experience using the Situational Leadership model is that it is not a rigid model. I have always started in the first stage, directing, regardless of what situation I have been in. However, my students’

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