Reflection On Forgiveness And Forgiveness

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The Bible has a number of instances covering rejection, forgiveness and acceptance but what is striking me at this time is Jesus’ response ’77 times 7, when questioned. This answer is not a simple or simplistic mandate to forgive every time. It tells me that it is likely, sometimes imperative that I will need to forgive the same person or persons for the same reason.
We were taught that rejection or the feeling of rejection is fundamentally an inability to give or receive love. Since the word is derived from ‘To Throw Back’, it automatically assumes that love is underlying, pervasive, palpable and available but consciously or unconsciously rejected / thrown back. Love itself is multi-dimensional and therefore the rejection may be due to not recognising the face / facet of the extended love or though clear, inhibited by a screen making either giving or receiving love, impossible.
It would seem that the two (rejection and forgiveness) are so counter to each other that forgiveness will never happen. We were thus guided to the concept of Acceptance where we acknowledge the presence and the nature of God, of ourselves and of others. We must allow a perfect God to help us deal with our imperfections and cascading this forward, we must allow ourselves to accept our weaknesses, acknowledge them as well as our transgressions, know that these come from being human and not from being an error of creation and seek His ways. And if this is true, it means we extend acceptance to others

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