Reflection On GEP 101 First-Year Foundations

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GEP 101 First-Year Foundations is designed to help first-year students ease into the college lifestyle. This course familiarizes students with Missouri State’s public affairs mission and how the university, the faculty, and the students work around it. Basic college information, guidelines, resources, and study tips are brought to student’s attention to assure they get the most out of their academic experience. GEP is one of the easiest – if not the easiest – class you will take here at Missouri State University. Most of the time, students blow it off because it seems useless, but in reality it is one of the best ways to transition into college life. Your instructor is someone who knows the university and knows how to get around. You learn information that you will use for the next four years of your life, whether it’s study tips, where to go if you want to change your major, or who to call in case of different incidents on campus, GEP is a class that seems dumb, but I actually had a lot of fun. It was my one class during my freshman year that I looked forward to going to. My favorite…show more content…
As a writer for a piece that’s going out to the public, you never know who’s going to read it and you never know how they’re going to interpret it. I felt like I had to be brief and generic, just like most course descriptions. It was by the hardest one to write. The other two were decently easy to write, the friend one being the easiest of the two. While writing to a friend, I don’t have to be formal and I’m allowed to state my own opinion. While writing to a family member, I felt like I had to be reassuring that I wasn’t wasting my time at college. But at the same time, I could be more relaxed with my writing. By doing this exercise, I have realized that I’m comfortable writing to my friends and family, but I’m not quite yet comfortable writing for the
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