Reflection On Gender Roles

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Majority of people find the subject of gender role growth to be rather captivating. The way I see things is that because gender issues affect most people 's situation straightaway, people frequently have negative feelings about why they believe sexes are the way they are, and if they should be changed or not due to their own experiences of gender roles. For my part, gender roles were cultivated, in the early start in my lifetime. I have no doubt that this is how boys and girls figure to establish style and attitudes, when they are adolescents. I believe that human beings are started off very young to have an appearance, favorite set of toys, that are precisely female or male. Adolescents and young adults such as myself will grow up to develop self-determining certain restraints that gender roles are lay down as. However, this I do not agree because society all together should not think that gender roles should be the way they are, because my experience has lead me to believe that distinctions between males and females have departed from society. In today’s society, they affirm that the only way for boys and girls to gain full emotional and behavioral skills, is to impose with treating them with traditional gender role beliefs from their parents. In my own view, the characteristics in gender roles were portrayed by the means of my parents. It was in my very own household, my mother expected my twin sister, Anabelle, and I to wear dresses and skirts since we were born. I can

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