Reflection On Gospels

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As Assumptans, we are constantly asked to become missionaries of church and to share the Gospel to the wider community in both words and deeds. To become an assumptan, is not just an honor but also responsibility for us. We have our common mission and that is not just for us to improve our academic skills but also for us to learn and live our assumption transformative education.
Today the Church celebrates the feast day of St. Luke; he belongs to the four evangelists. We are asked to live our lives the way St. Luke lived his life. Luke wrote the third Gospel. He never met Jesus, he only knew Jesus from the stories told by those people who were given a chance to be a witness of God’s miracles. Through that Luke became a believer of God. He wrote the third gospel to let other people experience God’s love.
As we all know, we cannot see nor talk to God personally but through the means of our gospels today we are already equipped to know God and to know His deeds for our salvation. Luke was a doctor even though he came from a poor family. In fact, St. Paul calls Luke his “beloved physician” Because he cared for the bodily needs of others; Luke is the patron saint of doctors.
When I am still a kinder student during our graduation day we were asked to say our dream and why we want to become like that, during that time what I said is, “when I grow up I want to become a doctor, because I want to help sick people.” One of the best professions for me is to be a doctor, you will do
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