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Self Reflection Essay for My Group Speech The topic for my group speech I helped give to the class on March 19th, 2018 was on Dissociative Identity Disorder or also known as DID. We explained the the history, how people are able to live with it, how symptoms can be recognized, you have to see a doctor to get diagnosed and the different types of treatment someone could get to treat DID. Before my group gave this speech I felt I was as prepared as I could be and was not all that nervous for my parts. I was really scared on how everyone else would present this speech because some people in my group did not get a lot of stuff done during our work times and did not seem to be ready. Some goals I set for myself before I gave this speech was to talk slow and fluently. I also wanted to feel confident in what I was saying so the audience believed the information I was giving. I accomplished these few goals by practicing over and over. I will be explaining what went well for my group with the content and delivery and also how the group worked together with the topic selection, preparation, research and presentation of our speech. In my group speech, there are many things we did well throughout this speech. My group cited all our information clearly with valid and useful information. I feel our speech was fairly easy to follow because we went in order with the information such as the history, then the…show more content…
some goals I had before I gave this speech was to talk slow and fluently. My group did very well presenting valid information with good citations. I thought I would have been more nervous than I was for this speech. In the end, I feel this speech went a lot better than I thought it would have gone and i'm glad I had the people I did in my
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