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III. The Children’s Rights Movements The Children’s Rights Movement is a historical and modern movement. This movement related with acknowledge, expansion or decrease of the rights of children all around the world. It started in the early periods of the last century. Then, the government organizations, advocacy groups, academics, lawyers, lawmakers and judges supported this movement with the rules for the rights of children. In the Middle-Age period, children were conceived as “small adults”. In the middle of the 19th century, France wanted to give special rights and some protection for children. This development name of the “minor’s rights”. Down from 1841, France laws start to protect children in workplace because children did not have…show more content…
In that period, children as young as six started to be employed in the factories and coal mines, mostly in inhuman conditions with long hours, however they could gain little payments. In 19th century this children exploitation was rise up. Children began to important worker after the slaves. Children uses like a adult and they did not have any protection and rights in European country. On the other hand, this conditions caused growing opposition and also inspired by the literature. For instance; Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” is about child labor and the inhuman conditions. The Polish educationalist Janusz Korczak ,his written book which entitled the child’s right to…show more content…
The orphan train movements were a welfare program that transported orphaned and homeless children from crowded Eastern cities of the US to foster homes located largely in rural areas of the Midwest. The orphan trains operated between 1854-1929. Via this social movement totally 200.000 children were helped. In the big cities, when a child’s parents died or were extremely poor, the child had to go to work to support themselves. Boys generally worked in factory or coal workers and girls became saloon girls or sweat shop. This movement was one of the biggest acts for

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