Reflection On Home Health Nursing

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Reflection on Home Health Nursing The role of a home health nurse (HHN) allows the healthcare provider (HCP) an intimate glimpse of a patient’s life that HCPs normally are not privy to in an acute care setting. Specifically, this includes the patient’s environmental and social aspects of their life. As Stanhope, Lancaster, Jessup-Falconi, & Viverais-Dresler (2012) note, home is not always the typical house as it may be a “. . . shelter, vehicle, makeshift shelter under a bridge, or a cardboard box” (p. 63). With respect to these settings, Reuter and Kushner’s 2010 article along with Yanicki, Kushner, and Reutter’s 2014 article both address a common theme: social issues, particularly health inequities and social justice. Throughout the HHNs practice, maintaining awareness of the social determinants of health (SDOH) plays a…show more content…
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