Reflection On Human Resource Management

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Human resource management in my opinion is one if not the most important facets of any company. Without HRM a company will almost definitively have an unhappy workforce. Youssef (2015) describes HRM by stating, “Human resource management (HRM) is the managing of human skills and talents to make sure they are used effectively and in alignment with an organization’s goals. Neither the size nor type of a company affects this definition.” Human resource management is an extremely important department of any company or business and throughout the course of this class I have learned a significant amount about the workings within. Without HRM employees would feel as if they had no voice or no person working for their interests from within the company’s…show more content…
The first aspect that I will be covering is how EEO, Affirmative Action, and Human resource planning, recruitment and selection affect or work to increase the effectiveness and contribution of employees. EEO and Affirmative Action are both put in place so that during the selection process all employees are given equal considerations and able to be considered for a position based on merit and skill set. “Affirmative action policies require that employers show initiative in recruiting a diverse pool of applicants for their job openings.” (Youssef, 2015). Affirmative action presents the HR department with more motive to hire from a diverse pool and ensures the company has many different cultures and sexes. This will lead to more ideas because of different ideas, ways of life, and viewpoints being introduced into the company’s work force. The planning, recruitment, and selection portions of human resource…show more content…
Both of these in my opinion cannot be stacked against one another by importance to the human resources department because they each effect the employee in a different way. Human resources development effects the employee by developing his or hers skills and abilities to ensure they are properly trained and have the opportunity to learn new things in order to advance the position or standing within the company. This can increase the overall effectiveness and contributions of the employees because it will help them to learn new things or new ways to accomplish the company’s initiative. The HR department must successfully design the training to suit the employee and their job, without this aspect the training could have little to no effect. Youssef (2015) states, “training and development should help improve organizational competencies and performance. This improvement can be realized by viewing training needs in association with strategic organizational plans and prioritizing them accordingly (Clarke, 2003; Reed & Vakola, 2006).” Therefore, without good training or pans to train the progression of the company and its employees will be severely impeded. However, getting back into compensation and benefits, these effect the employee’s desires to work for the company. This is equally as important to the company however, it is a completely different aspect of the HR department’s

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