What Is The Nature Of Human Rights Essay

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Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that lead to were all people are given the privilege to the right to life, freedom of expression, liberty, and equal treatment before the law among many more others. These rights stand for entitlement of every person before the government for acknowledgement, also for the government authorities or the people to be responsible for what they deserve. Every human being is entitled to rights regardless of their race, colour, culture, language or origin. Most violent conflicts usually occur from the failure of a certain neither country nor state to protect the rights of their citizens, whereby the trauma on people through human rights violation is intensive to a point where hatred accumulates and the hope for the restoration of peace becomes more difficult.
Furthermore, Human rights from a historical perspective are through the area of relations between the society and the government which are also through an element of purely internal policies. Human rights play a role of a tool for foreign politics in this modern world. Whereby the relationship between states on human rights issues abandon the principle of equality of partners by pursuing different ways of development that have a single same

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