Reflection On Interchanges

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The main goal of this short paper is to reflect on my teaching experiences in English classes. In today’s class I focus on the speaking skill. Put simply, speaking skills are a central focus of today 's lesson, with an emphasis on natural, conversational language. As mentioned in the previous reflective journals, the textbook for this class is “Interchange”. Therefore, in this book, the discussion, role play, and speaking exercises, as well as the Interchange activities, provide speaking opportunities that systematically build oral fluency. In addition, the conversations illustrate different speaking strategies, such as how to open and close conversations, ask follow up questions, take turns, and use filler words (e.g., well, you know, so). Moreover, almost all other exercises offer fun, personalized speaking practice and opportunities to share opinions. Usually, when I teach speaking skill, two important questions raise in my teaching. The first one is “my students often have problems understanding my instructions. What am I doing wrong?” and the second question is “my students make a lot of errors during pair work and group work. What can I do?” To me, of course, these two questions have been answered. The answer for the first question is in Richards’s suggestion (2005) who he was claimed that “it is often more helpful to model the activity than to give instructions, especially at lower levels. Model the activity with several students, preferably of different abilities

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