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For the next two weeks, my workload has changed from dealing with one big client to handling three different clients. Before getting into the details of that, I believe this point in time was my biggest moment of reflection as an intern. To reflect that, I want to review those thoughts and recap my internship up to this point. Initially, it is safe to say that I knew very, very little about real world accounting. Auditing in a classroom does not come close to the real world. I believe it is normal to feel that all accounting classes after principles are essentially useless when working through an internship. Of course, it helps to know the broad picture of concepts and how to handle different technical accounting issues. However, at this point of my internship, I sat back and realized that no matter how specific classes went in my education every intern has the same opportunities to succeed based off of the structure of many firm’s internship programs. My grades in accounting classes were far from great, and I even remember a principles professor telling me, “It’s ok to change my major, accounting is not for everyone.” The biggest takeaway from college as a whole comes in the form of character building. This point and time in my internship showed me that even though I wasn’t the best student, I had my mind in the right place as far as building my character and work ethic. The willingness to succeed and work hard was immensely improved through my experiences in college, and

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