Reflection On Interprofessional Learning

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Introduction Over the modules pertaining to Interprofessional Learning (IPE), I have studied the value of an education in collaborating with co-workers, regardless of distinct minds, in order to serve patients in need of medical attention. This matter interest mem because, so far all of my current efforts are intended for the prodigious outcome of becoming an outstanding Physician Assistant (PA). I understand that in order to be one of the best PAs, aside from earning the credentials of a PA, I must also be IPE trained in order to avoid negative and preventable outcomes. This reflection will help summarize my perspective on what I have obtained so far from IPE training. This reflection will also touch base on the current skills that…show more content…
The medical field is developing diversely; there are no longer only white male physicians, but females as well as many physicians of different races. Mitchel, et al., 2014, defines various outcomes that could potentially evolve by stereotyping or socially categorizing patients. If interprofessionals begin to stereotype each other due to various dissimilarities, conflicts will continue to emerge, which would lead to destructive consequences for the work environment. According to the works of Raykova, Semerjieva, Yordanov, & Cherkezov, 2015, these consequences result in poor work interactions such as negative communication between workers. Such forms of communication could lead to omission of vital information, which could result in human error. Unfortunately, human error is a large contributor to patient death, and these actions can be avoided if interprofessionals were to collaborate…show more content…
Therefore, we must learn how to interact with one another in appropriate manners for each interacting individual. For instance, I have always been timid when working with a physician, because I am stuck on the idea that he or she may be too intelligent for me. I believed that we did not have compatible minds, so communicating with an individual such as a doctor would lead to lack of comprehension to my end. Therefore, uncomfortable feelings may arise, leading to a lack of collaboration. This scenario clearly changed, due to the fact that the physicians whom I have worked with have shown me otherwise, and prodigious teamwork has driven from there. However, what if that hypothetical physician were to provide care to a Hispanic immigrant

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