Reflection Essay On Communication In Nursing

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Reflection on Interview with my senior
Two weeks ago, my partner Xin Xin and I interviewed one senior nurse. Her name is Khin Myint Myat Oo, she is from Myanmar. We interviewed about her experiences when communicating with patients during her clinical attachment at the National University Hospital. She shared us what she did and how she overcome her challenges. She described the two difficulties: the first problem for her is caring for the stubborn patients. In hospital, some patients are very agitated, stubborn and sensitive. Caring with those patients is very difficult for her. Sometimes, they refused her to care them. But she tried to give effective care for them. The second difficulty is language barrier in communicating with patients. But she can handle those problems with the help of seniors and friends who can speak Mandarin, Malay and Cantonese. Finally, she explained that communication in health care setting is very important because nurses are working in a health care team and we have to communicate with the
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Good quality care depends on effective communication between the care givers and the clients. Providing quality of care can improve the patient’s satisfaction during hospitalization. (The Importance of Clear, Effective Communication in Healthcare, 2016)
For the second reason, communication is the main role for every profession, however it is the most crucial in health care setting. Ineffective communication or lack of communication leads to unnecessary problems and misunderstanding in clinical setting such as medical error because of error in diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, lack of communication leads to the patient death. (Ann W. Latner, 2015) So, effective communication practices are essential to save the patients’ lives by sharing the vital information of the
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